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Four meetings today:


  • KVB Partners – an accountancy firm
  • Deborah Nilson – a law firm
  • Frederic Gamet – AXA Insurance
  • Business France – French economic development abroad.

    A very nice view of the Statue of Liberty from the offices of KVB Partners.

    The team at the Deborah Nilson law firm.

    Nilson Law usually sends funny photos or videos for New Year’s. Here’s the one for 2020.

    After having seen the photo with Hillary Clinton in the reception area, we get into the meeting room.

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    A meeting we’re very hopeful about and one that will be key to our success in the US.

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    A quick stop in a souvenir shop to make some purchases for ourselves, but of course, we couldn’t resist showing our products.

    Here’s Eric – our first US customer.

    Here are some of the designs we’ve created for our New York collection.

    Our future bank. One of the few banks that lets overseas companies open accounts.

    The advantage of the Bank of America is that it has branches everywhere, which makes transactions easier.

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    The end of a day spent on administration, but still very worthwhile.

    You’ll find contact details below for all the firms and agencies we met today:


    Certified Accountants

    Frederic V Blanchard, EA Partner

    IRS Enrolled Agent

    Qualified Certified Accountant 

    World Financial District
    60 Broad Street Suite 3502
    New York, NY 10004 

    E :
    T: 646 356 0470
    C: 917 815 9665 
    F: 646 349 2240


    Deborah A. Nilson, Esq.

    Law Firm

    The Nilson Law Group, PLLC

    10 E. 40th Street, Suite 3310

    New York, New York  10016

    Telephone: (212) 687-1155
    Fax: (212) 687-1118

    Frederic M. Gamet – Insurance

    1290 Avenue of Americas, 5th Floor

    New York, NY 10104

    Tel: 212-541-1817

    Cell: 646-712-2930

    Business France – French Embassy Trade Office 

    François-Yves Auger

    Trade Advisor – Furniture, Home Decor & Lifestyle

    Chargé de Développement – Meubles, Articles de décoration & Lifestyle

    Email :
    Office : + 1 212 400 2192

    Cell: +1 347 573 2972

    1700 Broadway, Suite 3000, Floor 30, New York, NY 10019