We have a competitor, but with fewer designs, not much business in the souvenirs market, and, above all, much more expensive than we are!

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So, a quick clarification, it’s not really the same system as ours.

They are glued onto cardboard backing.

Ours are sold in a single, clear sachet and are much higher quality!

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Our stay is coming to an end and it’s time to review our week.

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Additional Information


Delaware is not a tax haven!

It is a state with a solid legal system giving a firm basis to its legal decisions, but its also a state that enables total shareholder transparency. Just a few technical details J


Where Should You Set Up Your Business?

There isn’t one, single right answer! To know where to set your business up, you need to take into account the following things:

Wherever you set up, you pay taxes in the state you do business in. The business will have a Nexus, that means you are doing enough business to trigger tax obligations.

In the case of online sales, that automatically creates a Nexus as it’s difficult to monitor which states sales took place in.


Definitions of Nexus in Some States:

  • Physical presence: office, warehouse, store, or other premises.
  • Employment of agents or representatives
  • Employment of staff
  • Direct delivery (if you have a supplier to send stock to customers)
  • Selling goods at a sales event (trade fair, exhibition)
  • Stocking goods intended for sale in an American state. Selling via Amazon FBA also comes under this
  • The total sales made by your business in the American state in question being equal to or more than $100,000 per annum OR you making at least 200 transactions (these thresholds vary from state to state).

To know more about Nexus we suggest you look at this site: